A Starseeds Journey

A starseeds journey can be a difficult lonely journey and at times painful one to navigate. This is a message to help all starseeds who might be struggling on their journey of self discovery and remembering why there are here at this moment in time.

Channeled Message 

You’re on a journey of self discovery wandering through life on a mission to find the truth about yourself. For as long as you can remember you’ve always felt like you were different, like you had a job to do while you’re here on earth.  You just didn’t know what it was. At times, you felt like an unseen force was guiding you along your path, encouraging you to be bolder and more courageous in life. 

When you were a child, you would spend hours talking to us—your brothers and sisters from across the stars. To the outside world, we go unseen. But to you, we existed. We were as real to you as anything in your physical reality. We would sit with you, teaching you, supporting you in your mission. We want you to know you are very brave to come here to assist humanity at this time and we want to remind you that we have been here with you every step of the way.

Many times you asked why we left. We would say that we didn’t leave, not really, but we had to give you the opportunity to grow on your own, to learn how to be here in a physical reality. There came a time when we couldn’t interact with you as we had before. We needed to take a step back from your reality. This was done to protect you as people in your reality would not understand. They would label you as weird and crazy and we wanted you to feel loved, to feel safe in your reality. We wanted you feel like you belong so that when the time came to act to assist humanity, you could and you would. Many times you just wanted to go to the place where there is only love, where there is no fear.  When you asked it of us, we showed up to remind you of why you came here. You do not remember most of it. To you it’s all a dream.

When you close your eyes at night and forget about your physical reality, you float away into the reality where there is only love, where we can meet you and in instant we whisk you away to where we teach you of what you’re here to do on earth in your reality. You go to school when you are dreaming, you get to see your friends who are not with you in the physical and for a time you are free of all the restrictions that are placed on you when you exist in the physical reality.

You often wonder why you don’t remember everything when you go to learn and grow in the school with my brothers and sisters from across the stars. You find it so frustrating! If you just knew what you were supposed to do, if you could just remember everything, it would be so much easier to help people. At times, it seems like all you get is breadcrumbs.  That’s because if we gave you more than that it would be too much. It would overwhelm you.

We have learned that small baby steps will take you much further in life than giant leaps. If we give you too much, too soon, it only hurts you and you shut down and then it takes much longer to get to where you need to go next.

You have fallen many times in life beating yourself up anytime you made a mistake, not realizing that this was all part of your plan, created by you, to give you a full spectrum of experiences. You see, you needed to fall down and get hurt in life to teach you compassion and love for people when they fall down. When they make the same mistakes you did, you understand why they fell down. Then you can show them love, compassion and empathy, supporting them, never judging them. That is part of your role here at this time. To love them and support them.

A big part of a starseeds journey is to just be human and make mistakes. We never expected you to be a saint. We expected you to experience a physical reality and just through being here and showing people and yourself love and compassion, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

A starseeds journey isn’t about being famous. It’s about being part of a larger plan and all starseeds have a role play. You are all but actors in a grand play. All of you are in your own unique way assisting humanity in their next step, in their evolution, as they are being given the choice to leave the reality of fear and step into a new world, a new reality of love and compassion.

It’s a beautiful assignment you agreed to take on. Don’t dwell on the past mistakes. Don’t focus on needing to save everybody. Understand that every role is important no matter how big or small. All you have to do is be yourself. All you have to do is have love and compassion for yourself and for others and that will be more than enough. Remember that and remember you are loved.

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Written by Jon Wilkinson

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created Just for you