Healing the Echoes of Your Past

Channeled Message

Many of you are taking stock of your life.  You might be feeling nostalgic, wanting to mend fences and reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in years.  Some of you are feeling pushed to do this even to the point where the universe is asking you to physically move closer to them.

You are all in a season of change but this season of change is transitioning into an opportunity to heal the echoes of your past. For many of you, the echoes of your past have been binding you to a reality you want to leave. A lot of you are tired of feeling weighted down by these intense negative emotions towards the echoes of your past decades of hurt and pain.

Now is a time to heal so that you can truly change and embrace this season of change allowing you to step into your higher timeline. 

Some of you find yourselves being drawn to look at old pictures as you remember the good times you had as you revisit the memories of your past.  You also recall the unpleasant times.  You understand that these times taught you some difficult lessons but you learned them.  Some of you are ready to forgive those people who hurt you. And some of you are ready to make amends. You know that holding onto the pain of the echoes of your past will stop you from stepping into becoming your best self and shifting to your highest timeline.

Some of you are spending these past days and weeks wondering if the people from your past really changed. Have they grown and learned the lessons of this reality?  You remind yourself how much you have changed and grown and all the lessons you have learned. You acknowledge that you are doing the inner work and healing yourself and think to yourself maybe they are too. Maybe they are doing the work.  Maybe they are changing.

We hope that if it feels appropriate to you and if your soul is calling to you, asking you to reconnect and heal the echoes of your past, that you listen and that you be open to allowing the healing to happen.  We know for some, you don’t want to stay in each others lives and that’s okay.

We know that for others it will all happen in the astral planes because they might not be in the physical any longer.  Some of you are just not ready to let go and heal the echoes of your past. Whatever your circumstance may be, we want you to know that we support whatever decision you make.

The echoes of your past do not have to define your future if you’re willing to let go of the story that keeps you in the past. This is a time to heal and write a story where humanity shifts to a reality where you all get along and leave the old ways of the reality of fear for good.

We know that some aren’t ready but we hope that those of you listening to these words are ready to heal the echoes of your past and shift to the reality of love to new earth, to embrace a future where humanity cooperates with each other, solving problems with their hearts instead of embracing the beliefs of the fear that created their dysfunction in the first place.

The choice is yours to make. What reality will you choose? Will you embrace this season of change and heal the echoes of your past? Or will you cling onto the story that keeps you bound to the reality of fear and the beliefs that only create more dysfunction?

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Written by Jon Wilkinson

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created Just for You