You are the Divine and the Divine is You

As I walk my healing path on grounds sacred to me, I feel the presence of those dear to me.  In my silence, I hear the echo of their thoughts, like a gentle breeze whispering my name through the leaves of the trees.  I hear the music of nature as if it were speaking to me in a language unknown to me and yet so familiar.

In my silence, I understand the path laid before me.  In my silence, I see clearly what was once obstructing my path, removed as if it never existed.  It is almost as though the divine itself moved it for me.  Now I see the path so clearly as the divine shines a bright light on this path.  This is the path I choose to walk and I notice as I walk this path, I am not alone. 

Those that I hold close to my heart walk this path with me. Although no physical beings are with me, I am not alone.  I am surrounded by the love of the divine.  The divine spirit is with me.  Those dear to me in this life and in my past lives are with me. 

With my heart open and my mind aware, I walk freely with no feelings of doubt or regret.  I am free of the burdens I once carried that anchored me to forgotten memories of the past.  I walk this path willingly so others may follow. 

May they bare witness to the divine light that shines in us all. May they choose to walk this path as I have, for when they walk with their minds aware and their heart open, I will be there waiting with loving words of encouragement and congratulations.

Patiently I await the day when we all walk with our minds aware and our hearts open. Only then will we truly see what the divine is and hear the divine’s thoughts and feel it’s feelings.  Remember, we are the divine itself. 

Patiently I await this day, for I know in my heart it will come to pass. I welcome you as you embrace this outcome. When you are ready you will see, you will hear, and you will feel what I do: that the divine loves you.  It always has and it always will.  The divine is you. When you embrace this final outcome, you will see that the way home, the way to the divine is to love yourself for the good and the bad. To love yourself for you are the divine and the divine is you. 

Love yourself, keep your mind aware and your heart open and you will see that the path is clear.  Love yourself and keep your mind aware and you will hear the divine in your heart guiding you to your new home.  Love yourself and keep your mind aware and you will find everything you could imagine and so much more.

Note from the author :

I originally wrote this in 2009.  I had just lost my dad and was studying mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College.  Writing to me has always been a way to talk and connect to spirit.  I feel like it’s my superpower.  As I was putting this together, I realized that this piece wasn’t finished and spirit had more to say more than 10 years later.  Spirit truly is a very patient intelligence.

Written By Jon Wilkinson

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence 

Created Just for You