Am I Having a Spiritual Awakening?

You’ve lived a pretty full life, full of experiences of fun adventure and some sorrow. With ups and downs, you think you are happy and you say the words telling yourself so. But do you actually mean them? Then one day, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. Your whole life comes crumbling down around you. Your job that you’ve had forever doesn’t fulfill you anymore. You don’t really wanna be around the same people you’ve hung around with for years. That relationship you thought was fulfilling just isn’t that fulfilling anymore. You say to yourself, “Why is this happening to me? Everything was going so good, now this! What could I have possibly done to deserve all this?” 

Then something happens. Something actually changes. A spark, a glimmer of hope. You have an experience that changes everything, that makes you question everything about your life and everything that has lead up to this point. You wonder if this is what they meant by having a spiritual awakening, that point in our lives when the status quo just won’t do anymore. Your spirit is calling to you to finally wake up. This is your spiritual awakening. I don’t want you to suffer. I don’t want you to just survive anymore. I want you to finally live life to your potential. We have work to do. Can we finally get started? 

Your Spiritual Awakening has Begun but What do You do Next?

You’ve just realized you’ve had this profound spiritual awakening. You have no idea what that even means, not yet at least. You’ve left your familiar life behind. All you know is that you never wanna go back to being that person again. You need to make a change. You just don’t know what that change is, what you’re even supposed to be doing. The good news is you don’t have to know. All you have to do is allow the new you to be heard. Stop trying to silence this new you! In order to allow this new you to be heard, you need to do one thing and one thing only: heal. That’s all you need to be focused on right now. Don’t focus on what your purpose is! Don’t worry about what your spirit wants you to accomplish in this life! Just heal! Thats it. This is a process.

But all I Feel is this Sadness and Heartache.  Will it Ever Stop?

Yes. This is the point in the spiritual awakening, the initiation where everything that you have been holding onto will come bubbling to the surface. And you have absolutely no control over this. You may even find yourself unable to control your emotions which feel like they’re on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs like you’ve never experienced before. There is very little you can actually do but allow the emotions to come to the surface. You are moving from your lower vibrations to your higher vibrations of the heart. It is in this new vibration that your spirit can actually be heard by you. 

Is there Anything that I can do to Speed up the Healing Process?

The most important thing anyone can do during the initiation phase of the spiritual awakening is to take a time out everyday. Take time to practice moving your attention to your heart centre as you breathe. You are going through an evolutionary process creating a new normal. This new normal requires you to make time for you, to breathe and allow yourself to spend time raising your vibration.

But Why is it so Important?

For most of us, we have spent the majority of our lives in lower centres driven by our emotional needs and wants, constantly fulfilling our desire to have our senses gratified by any means necessary. This process is forcing you, not asking you, to let go of all that and move into a higher vibration because let’s face it, the way we were going in our physical world, our physical space in time, isn’t doing so well, is it? Something had to, needed to change.  That change is you. If you can accept that your thoughts and feelings create your life and world as you experience it, doesn’t it make logical sense that in order to heal the planet, in order to actually create a better tomorrow, we need to heal, we need to move out of our lower vibrations of constantly having our emotions fed through our sense gratifications.

I Know I’m Supposed to Heal but Why is it Taking so Long?

At a certain point during the spiritual awakening, we understand that we are supposed to heal. We want to heal. We read the books about spiritual awakening, kundalini chakras and self love. We even start meditation and mindfulness practice. But it’s not working. Nothing is changing. I still feel like the same person. Why is nothing changing? Remember, this is a process! It took you how many years to create your personality, your identity? How long did that take you? Years, right? Do you really think in a matter of weeks or months everything is magically gonna be fixed and everything will be wonderful in your life and all your dreams just magically happen? Sure it’s possible, but for most of us this will require actual work, a lot of it to become the new you, to recreate yourself in the image you actually want to be, not what you were programmed to be through your experiences most of which was gifted to you from your family tree. 

So I Need to Create a New Program to Become a New Person, Right?

Yes, that’s correct. Our thoughts and feelings create a story, the story that we tell ourselves all day long. I am this way because this thing happened to me. This story will create a program in our subconscious. This program that we created will create our own personal vibration that is directly responsible for how we experience the world. Make sense? Which means you just have to have different thoughts and feelings right? But no! You don’t understand! I can’t! It’s not working! All these old thoughts just pop up on their own. Why does that keep happening? That’s your programming. It’s been running for so long it’s become automatic. So it won’t matter how many affirmations you say during the day, nothing is really gonna change until you change your programming. Right?

Then How do I Change My Own Programming?

Simple! You do the work. That means having a seat, taking a time out every day, breathing and focusing on your heart centre, raising your vibration and allowing all that lower vibrational thinking, that dysfunctional way of being, to be replaced by your higher vibrational, new you. Seems easy right? Here’s where we get stuck: we have to train ourselves to do this. This takes time. This is frustrating for most of us. Then we quit and we go back to our older, familiar vibrational self. So it begs the question: what exactly is the solution? Don’t quit! Don’t throw in the towel! The reality is you need train yourself to gain access to your subconscious mind. The simplest techniques are hypnotherapy or meditation. Here’s how it works: you want to change, you want a new program, but your body has been programmed and conditioned for the familiar so that it feels safe. Its primary concern is your safety and keeping you alive. Your spirt, on the other hand, has a completely different agenda. It cares for your safety but it will do whatever it takes for you to make the changes necessary. In order for this new programming to be created overriding your older dysfunctional programming, a lot of us needed a wakeup call, a spiritual awakening. That point in our life where everything in our life that was comfortable to us, the predictable, was taken away from us. This wakeup call served as our spiritual awakening. Then we are left with a choice: continue to suffer or change. We accept that our old programming is broken. We know that our spirit is telling us now is the time to shine. The old us needs to go. In order for all this to happen, a lot of us will need to lose a lot of people, things and stuff in our lives. Then and only then will we be ready to create a new program. In most cases, this is more easily achieved by not being in that environment or around those old familiar people that will trigger us and pull us back to our lower vibrational self. We need to find new people and new environments to create new thoughts and new feelings so that we can have a different outcome. Yes?


Meditation Creating the New Programming

Understanding that for most of us the old environment needed to go, including the stuff, the things and the people, to allow us to focus solely on ourselves. Now we are ready to sit down and create this new program of us. How do you even do that? Simplicity and frequency is the key. Don’t complicate things! Don’t over-think them! Just sit down, breathe and focus on your heart. After you have received this spiritual awakening and are in the middle of this initiation phase, your heart centre will know what to do. You do not need to control what gets healed or created. Just sit, breathe and focus on your heart centre. Spend time with the most important person in the world: yourself. You will receive the next piece of the puzzle, what comes next, when you are ready. The question you need to ask yourself, knowing that this is intended to be a simplistic process, that this spiritual awakening was never meant to be this painful. Will you finally allow yourself to do the work? Accepting that this is a process, intend to take as long as it takes. There is no time constraint, no finish line, only the evolution of you. Your spirit has finally gotten through to you. But will you listen? I hope so. One way or another, your spirit will get you to do the work. How long it takes and how much pain you endure, well, that’s up to you.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson