Discover Your Reason for Being

Many of us have asked, “What is my reason for being? What is my life’s purpose? What am I here to do? Surely there must be more to life than just working my job, going through the motions of everyday life! Does higher power have a plan for me? Am I actually achieving my soul’s purpose?” In truth, we all have the same mission in life:  to heal, then create.  But how exactly do we do that? 

As we look at the current state of the field of creation, what do you see? A lot of lower, vibrational thinking created through our old dysfunctional programming most of which was not ours to begin with. It was gifted to us through our gene pool. The task at hand is simplistic in nature: remove the dysfunctional programming that was handed down to you and replace it with a new program, a program that will allow you to reach a higher vibrational thought process. Everything you are now and everything you will become all stems from what you think and what you feel in this moment in time.  

What is your purpose, your reason for being? It is to change your own dysfunctional programming to a higher vibrational program that allows for meaningful change in your life. This is achieved through the model of relationship.  As we all go through the evolutionary process of the evolution of the heart centre, there are a great many things that will change in your life. Among the first is a house-cleaning of all of your emotional baggage. This is a process.  It takes time. It is during this time that you may in fact re-live the emotional state of being of certain events in your life, firing the programs of past events in your life that need to be let go of. There is no magic meditation to do.  No exercise to do. Sure these things may help. All you can really do is observe the experience and let it run its course. These dysfunctional programs will naturally burn themselves out as you actually begin to see the truth about yourself in a new light, as you actually begin to speak the truth about yourself to yourself, as you are in fact creating a positive, meaningful relationship with yourself. 

It all starts with the most important person in the world: you. As this process begins to taper off don’t think for one second that everything is now healed and you have no more dysfunctional programming left to work on. You have simply been made aware of your origin points of dysfunctional programming. You will peel back layer after layer, removing the old programming as you are ready to do so. The more of this dysfunctional programming that is removed, the higher you will naturally vibrate, the less you will think about the painful experiences in your life, re-living, reinforcing the dysfunctional programming of you. Instead, you now have this amazing new opportunity to create this brand new program of you. The question you need to ask yourself isn’t what is my life’s purpose or what am I here to do? The real question you need to ask yourself is what do I wanna become? Who do I really want to be? Am I really happy continuing on this way or is that inner voice yelling at you to wake up, make a change, go create something that has meaning to you? 

I can’t tell you exactly what your life’s purpose is or what your higher power, your spirit’s mission is. But I can tell you that as you heal, as you begin to remove your dysfunctional programs, you will begin to find out what that is when you are ready to hear it and not a moment before that. Be patient!  Take your time and allow yourself to develop a meaningful relationship of trust and honesty with yourself first. This is the first step in removing your own dysfunctional programming, permitting you the opportunity to heal, so you can actually create the life you want for yourself from a higher vibration of love. 

Yes, we may all have our own unique mission or life purpose, but we  are all contributing to the main mission, the true goal: to repair the current field of dysfunction. We are all that field of creation. We became dysfunctional over the generations. You have one real mission: to heal, to remove your dysfunctional programming. But will you? Will you actually take the time to have  a real relationship with yourself of trust and honesty? Or will you keep contributing to the field of dysfunction, playing the victim, the martyr. I hope you take the time to create a meaningful relationship with yourself, to tell yourself the whole truth.  Look behind the curtain and see your own dysfunctional programming. Give yourself permission to remove that old dysfunctional code that was never yours to begin with that was given to you by your parents. The choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson