How to Find Your Way in a Life of Uncertainty 

As we enter a time in our lives when everything seems uncertain, there doesn’t seem to be a clear path ahead. Many of us ask ourselves: how can I find my way in a life of uncertainty, in a world where everything has been flipped upside down and inside out, living inside an existence of fear and dysfunction which has become second nature to so many of us? It isn’t until this dysfunction walks up to us all and slaps us upside the head that we actually stop realizing that this dysfunctional living we call life isn’t ok. This is the current state we find ourselves in as the world, our world goes through a deep cleaning purge of the dysfunctional energy we have all contributed to. The question on all of our minds now is: how, exactly, can we all navigate the unknown in a life full of uncertainty? 

It’s Time to do the Work. It’s Time to Heal

Many of us have been forced to hunker down, cutting ourselves off from the world we once knew as the familiar. The hustle and bustle, the chaos of that job that has been nothing more than a means to end, a paycheque, just something you have to do not something you actually want to do.  Day after day, month after month, year after year you went completely unconscious. You just accepted this was you. This time away from everything, from the the things, the people, the job, everything that made you fall asleep has forced you to reevaluate this life of yours, this vibration of you. The question on your mind now is: how do I create a life where all my needs are met so I can live a life where I don’t go unconscious? It’s time to heal so you can create that life you really want, not what you were drawn to because it was easy, because it was the familiar, requiring no real effort, no real work. The universe has created with us this opportunity to heal but it’s up to you to actually do the work. When this reprieve is over, and it will at some point be over, we will all have a choice to make. Do I live my life in the familiar or do I work towards a life where I’m not asleep at the wheel?

I’m Ready to do the Work. I’m Ready to Heal

That’s the first step—actually making the choice to do the work, to heal so you can create the life the universe wants you to create. The universe is ready to do the work with you, assisting you to do the healing work whenever you are ready. But what does it actually mean to do the work to actually heal? It means telling yourself the truth. The truth about yourself to yourself. It means pulling back the curtain, looking at those parts of yourself that have been hidden in those deep dark recesses of your own mind, that part of you where all the dysfunctional programming of you exists. No more hiding! It’s time to shine a light on those dysfunctional parts of yourself and make them functional. It begins with creating a new a program that will allow you to heal, to forgive yourself, to love yourself unconditionally.

Creating the New Program That Will Allow You to Love Yourself Unconditionally 

The next step is learning to love yourself again with softer, gentler eyes. Do you remember a time in your life when you were younger, before the bills, before the mortgage and all that stuff happened? That time in your life when all you had to do is play and have fun? Do you remember that time? I want you to take a moment and tell yourself that story, that story where life was simple, where the dysfunction of life hadn’t programmed you to be a dysfunctional clone. Can you do that? Or did you forget how to? The problem for so many of us is that we focus our attention, our energy, on the wrong story of the past or the wrong story of the future. Why? Because you were programmed to do that. So maybe it’s time to change the channel. Seems simple right? We all know we should do it but we keep going back to the familiar don’t we? It takes a dedicated, disciplined mind to do the work, to remember the story you actually want to tell yourself, all so you will love yourself unconditionally the same way that higher vibrational intelligence, that divine intelligence loves you. Once you can do that, you will be given access to the real you, the you that transcends time and space, that exists in all things, that you that truly is everything. This is the you that you were born to be. This you has all your needs met. This you doesn’t even have to try. Everything that you need to be happy healthy and fulfilled just happens.

Okay, I get it! Now Just Tell Myself the Story of When I Didn’t Think About the Dysfunction in My Life

I know. It’s so simple, right? Think and feel the experience, believing in a higher vibration of you that exists outside of time. Tell yourself the story of the time in your life where there was no dysfunction or at least you didn’t obsess about it. This will lay the foundation for the new program of you that will allow you to love yourself and to see yourself through gentler eyes. The question you need to ask yourself is: if it’s so simple, so simplistic in nature, why aren’t you doing it already? Why aren’t you doing the work? Isn’t it about time you showed yourself that you are worthy, that you are good enough, that you don’t have to accept dysfunction into your life anymore, time to empower yourself with that same love that these higher vibrational intelligences, these spiritual beings we call spirit have for you, accepting and allowing yourself to succeed in the celebration of you? Let’s face it, if you didn’t know it already, you are good enough! My last question to is this: are you ready to be more than you are right now? Are you ready to give yourself permission to not allow the dysfunction back into your life and only accept and allow that higher vibrational programming that is created by you, for you in the higher vibrations of love? Well are you? I hope so, but as always, the choice is yours.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson