It’s Time to Meet Your Higher Self

As you step thorough the portal of change into a new vibration of you, ready to meet your higher self, leaving behind the older vibrations of you, you begin to realize that this is the adventure your spirit has yearned for. Pushing you. Encouraging you. Nurturing you.  All to get you ready for the moment in your life when you realize it’s time to step through the portal of change, stepping into your future as a brand new person. Sure, it was painful at times as the old you died. But as you emerge on the other side of the portal of change, this spark fills your heart as you feel lighter on your feet elevated by the world of possibility, excited to begin anew as you create your new normal in the world of uncertainty with your higher self.

But What Will I Become on the Other Side 

of the Portal of Change?

What if I told you that there was another you living on the other side? That you weren’t becoming something else but rather remembering who you really are? Not as a material, physical being but as a higher vibrational intelligence that has always existed? You were just unaware. You were unconscious. That all you had to do was to open your eyes and walk through the portal of change and meet the real you? It’s time to step through the portal of change and meet the you that has all their needs met. The you that has achieved the outcome in your life you have been working towards, whatever that may be. Don’t think of it as meeting your higher self. Think of it as finally accepting that you have the ability to step into the vibration where you have already done the thing that you want to create. You just have to remember how you do it. You just have to step into your consciousness of the experience of the event, the outcome. You are remembering your future.

Are You Ready to Step into the Consciousness 

of the New You?

You say the words I am ready but do you really mean them?  Do you actually feel them in your heart?  Have you learned to accept yourself as you are and not as you wish to be? It’s time to step through the portal of change but that doesn’t mean forgetting who you once were or where you came from and all the life experience that brought you to this point: stepping towards the cliff on the edge of eternity, staring off into the vastness of uncertainty.  All you know is that through the uncertainty lies the certainty of change and the promise of meeting the real you. You’ve called it your higher self for many years. It  has been guiding you, supporting you, giving you snippets of information when you needed them most. As you step through, you realize your definition of higher self wasn’t entirely accurate. It is just a higher vibration of you in a time where the experience of the outcome had already happened. You were just remembering how to get here, to the outcome, your life purpose, your mission.

You’ve Arrived on the Other Side of the Portal of Change

You stepped through the portal of change. You remembered who you really were: a higher vibrational intelligence with a job to do. You followed the bread crumbs, the snippets of information by what you used to call your higher self. Now you realize it was just you remembering the outcome. You look forward over the horizon you see another portal of change just past the cliff of uncertainty. You say to yourself, “Time to go remember who I really am again.” As you traverse the landscape, walking calmly, not afraid of the uncertainty but embracing it because you now know that you will get there eventually. All you have to do is listen and pay attention to the future vibration of you. It’s time now for you to step into your future with the knowledge, understanding and acceptance that you do make it. But will you step through the portal of change yet again? Well, that’s up to you. I am sure you will step through the portal of change and create your new normal with the outcome you actually want.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson