Stepping into the New Vibration of You

As we all begin to step into the vibration of change, many of us want to hold onto that old vibration of you for no other reason than it makes you feel safe. But how safe is it, I wonder, to stay the same, never growing, never really changing, doing the same old thing day after day? Yet, stepping into the new you can seem a daunting, terrifying adventure. You have been this person for so long the thought of becoming a brand new person doesn’t even seem possible. But you’ve reached a point in your journey where something needs to change, not because you want change or crave change but because your spirit has decided it’s happening whether you want it or not. All you can do is hold onto the roller coaster you seem to find yourself on, wondering how you got here. Everything seemed so smooth so easy. Yet here you are, upside down, spinning round and round, feeling dizzy, legs wobbling as you stumble off the ride your spirt has put you on. Struggling to find your legs, you sit, take a deep breath and realize you’re ok, you’re safe. That was an adventure designed by your spirit to push your limitations. 

As we step forward into this new space in time, a lot more of us are finding ourselves on this same roller coaster screaming, “Let me off!”  But there is no getting off. There is only the adventure of the new experience, as scary as it may be. It is a necessity for your soul’s growth, for your growth. If you weren’t being so stubborn and were paying attention to what your spirit was trying to tell you from the beginning, you wouldn’t be in this situation. This isn’t being done to you but for you. So you may step into the new you, reaching new heights of success as your spirit deems success, not how you deem it. It’s not all about you but what your spirit needs to fulfill the task it has come to complete. 

I know you had this idea of a simple quiet life with your family, a nice vacation every year and a few good likeminded friends in your life. But that’s not how it is. You were meant for so much more than the mundane that so many are drawn to. Completely unconscious to the addictions of the familiar in their lifes. Remember when that was you? You told yourself this is what happiness is. I have everything I could ever want. Then one day, you had almost everything taken away. Did you ever stop to wonder why this is really happening? You weren’t being punished for something you did. You were, in fact, being granted this oppuliinity for real change, for real growth. You finally arrived at the space in time your spirit had been waiting for you to arrive. It’s time to take a leap of faith, to be bold and courageous, stepping into this new vibration of you. It’s uncomfortable, sure. But why does it feel so uncomfortable to you, I wonder? You are stepping into the new vibration of you. As you approach this new vibration, do so with the knowledge that you are one step closer to the real you, the you that does exist in higher vibrations. Is it true that you could go back the lower vibrational you? Yes, of course you could! But in doing so, you will need to revisit all the turmoil you find yourself in at this moment in time. Doesn’t it make more sense to keep going? You’ve come so far already! If you could see what lies over that hill right there, trust me, you wouldn’t turn back. But the choice is yours. The choice is whether or not to suffer in silence or to challenge your own vibration of creation with the understanding that you’re doing it all. All you have to do is wake up to the new vibration of you, step into this new creation, your creation, the real you not this copy, this clone that you were told you had to be. Which vibration of you do you really accept: this lower, dysfunctional copy of yourself which is nothing more than a program running on repeat or will you accept this vibration of you that exists in higher vibration of creation that already has everything it could ever want, that has already created everything it needs to live the happy, fulfilling life you seem to be struggling to create. I have no doubt in my mind that you will make the correct choice, that you will accept this new vibration of you, that in this exact moment in time, you are stepping into the new vibration of you. 

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson