Waking Up to the Evolution of You

So many of us go through our lives asleep, completely numb and blind to the real situation of life, addicted to the confines of the familiar in our every-day lives.  But what happens when life throws you a curveball?  What happens when an event occurs in your life in a way you couldn’t anticipate or expect and for the first time in a long time, you have no idea who you really are and what you should really be doing with your life? You contemplate, reliving the past in the recesses of your mind, trying to figure out how you got here, completely unaware of what lies a head.  As you embark on a fruitful journey of becoming the new you, the old you needs to go. Be kind to yourself and remember that the you that needs to go is just energy, a vibration. As you embark on this journey, the evolution of you, be grateful for the experiences of this vibration and all it has brought into creation for you. 

The problem that so many of us face is not knowing what lies over the horizon. The strength and courage it takes to keep going, not actually knowing the outcome, pushing on regardless of knowing that this is important. You see, you’re not really in control. The real you is in control.   You just finally woke up and became aware, possibly for the first time, of this intelligence. This is, in truth, your spirit, your higher power—call it whatever you need to so that it fits your current belief system. This intelligence doesn’t want you to suffer or be in pain but it will, however, do whatever it must to get you to wake up and pay attention and, when necessary, put you back on the correct path—if you’re not too stubborn to listen. Yes, it may be painful and frustrating, but you created this pain and frustration by ignoring your higher vibrational self, the you that exists within the higher vibration of love. It’s your body that keeps slowing you down. Your body needs to catch up. In order to do this, something needed to change. 

This is the evolution of you. You are becoming a brand new person whether you want to or not. I know you’re not sure about the outcome or how things will play out. If you knew the outcome, would you still do what your higher vibrational intelligence is telling you to do?  More importantly, how do you actually know that this is even real, that you haven’t fabricated this whole experience in your own head? Can you really trust that this is right without any real proof or evidence? Can you do this one thing on faith alone? Additionally, what is evidence?  Is evidence through experience really evidence?  Do you need some scientific facts found in some book somewhere to convince you? Or perhaps you need someone to show up out of nowhere and share with you that they, too had a similar experience just like yours, and they doubted the whole process the whole time. They chose a more challenging path, but when it was all said and done, they succeeded in becoming a new person with a new career, with a new everything and they shine brighter than they ever have before. And as you look at them you wonder if this is a sign?  Did the field of creation put this person in my path to provide me with some sort of proof or evidence of something? Is that the evidence you require?  If it showed up, smacked you upside the head and said, “I’m your evidence that you asked for,” would you listen? Or would you run back to the familiar addictions of what you have always known for no other reason than it gives you the illusion of feeling safe? 

The real questions you need to ask yourself are: Can I accept that this higher vibrational intelligence does in fact have my best interests at heart? Can I trust it? Can I take the time to create a relationship with it so that I do feel safe, so that when I step out into the field of creation, in not knowing the outcome, into the mystery of adventure and wonder, I know without any doubt in my mind that I am safe, that this space is a safe place to heal and create the new me and explore the evolution of me, becoming the new me, free of all that lower vibrational way of life? Are you ready to be free and unlimited, to allow the evolution of you to take form and shape? The choice is yours. I have no doubt that you will make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence 

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson