Am I the Only One Who Sees These Shadow People?

I know how unsettling seeing these shadow or silhouette people can be at first. Wondering if you’re crazy or are you actually seeing some sort of spirit person. Laying there late at night paralyzed by the fear of the unknown. Accepting the truths gifted to you by someone who has probably never experienced what you’re experiencing now. Thats a dark entity or spirit. You need to protect yourself from those shadow people. Wondering why me? What am I supposed to do now? Standing over top of you seeming to loom. You keep asking what do you want? Why are you even here? I don’t want you here. And nothing happens.  No reply. Nothing seems to even happen. The people who seem knowledgeable just tell you to surround yourself in white light or just ask them to leave. You try everything and nothing seems to work. They are there night after night standing there. What exactly do you do now? Become knowledgable. Understand. Accept and allow yourself to create a relationship with this intelligence.

So What Exactly are These Shadow People, Then?

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to talk to and work with a lot of unfolding mediums or people who society may view as mediums. It wasn’t long before that I realized a lot of us had very similar experiences with these shadow people. It’s just that most of us are scared to talk about it out of fear that we may seem crazy. That weird person that no one wants to talk to. Most of us tend to isolate and cut ourselves off from the people that aren’t like us. The sad reality is, when you’re first going through the experience of seeing shadow people, you feel like you’re the only one, don’t you? Chances are a lot of you were told that this was some dark entity or bad spirit out to get you. 

The answer to what these shadow people actually are may differ from person to person depending on what they will accept as the truth. Some may see it and experience it as a spirit person. Some may see it and experience it as some sort of higher vibrational intelligence. One thing we do know is that seeing these shadow people is a way for you to process data or information. A different vibration or frequency of light that you are not familiar with. You’re tuning into a frequency much like you would tune into a radio station. You are experiencing a lower frequency of this intelligence’s vibration. Unfortunately, a lot of people never see these intelligences in this way. It doesn’t mean that those of us that do are more special or the chosen few to be mediums or messengers. It just means that we have certain programming that allows for this mystical experience and that this is how our brain has processed the information for us. 

No one can say definitively what or even where these intelligences exist. The medium would say they exist in the spirit world. The scientific minded person may say they exist in a different space in time or a different frequency of light and sound. The one thing pretty much everyone in the metaphysical community can agree with. The medium has to raise their vibration to a place where the intelligence can meet them. Wherever that pace is for the individual depending on their belief system and programming.

So Why do I see These Shadow People?  I’m not Doing Anything!

Some of us will come into this world with the right ingredients, the correct programming to allow for the mystical. It will be effortless and seem very natural to some of us to have an experience with these shadow people. This is more common than most of us realize. Usually when this is happening, it’s important. You need to pay attention. An intelligence is trying to get you accept that they are real. Don’t assume that every shadow you see is a higher vibrational intelligence or spirit person if you prefer. There should always be  evidence to prove to you that this experience is real. Ask for proof. Ask for evidence and ask for it in a way you can’t prepare for or see coming. Then ask for it again so you know it’s real. Once you have it proven to you that these intelligence are real, you are one step closer to accepting these shadow people as being real.

Accepting These Shadow People

I know this is tough for a lot us in the early stages of unfoldment. I’d like you to take a moment and recall when you were younger. Can you recall what it was like when you first learned of insects? That first bee sting. How unsettling that experience was. It hurt, right? Then someone more than likely taught you about bees and how much they do for us. You learned that bees were important and had a job to do. They have a place in our world. Those other insects that make most of us cringe or give us the heebie-jeebies. They have a place in the world too, right? They keep the world in harmony and balance. I wonder, did it ever occur to you that that’s what these intelligences are? These shadow people that may have you frightened? Why—because no one told you what they are. Probably because they didn’t know themselves. And sometimes  you were just told it’s not real. It’s our imagination or you’re just crazy. But if you can allow yourself to become knowledgable about what these shadow people are, a vibrational intelligence that exists at a different frequency of light and sound than we do, you have just had an experience with that frequency that allowed you to perceive their existence. That doesn’t sound so scary when you think about it like that. No more than that first experience with that bee that stung you. 

My question to you is this: will you live your life in fear of what someone told you this intelligence was or that someone told you are crazy because you are having an experiences with these intelligences? Or will you challenge yourself, your beliefs, your own programming and become knowledgable about what exactly these intelligences are, what these shadow people are so that you may come to understand and accept them as part of the vibration of creation? How and if you choose to work with them, well, that is completely up to you. Just like you can choose who you talk to or don’t talk to in our daily lives. So will you become knowledge and peel back the curtain and see these shadow people for what they really are? I hope so, but that’s up to you.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson