Discover the Science behind Soul to Soul Communication

We are all a divine intelligence that is housed in a physical body. Our divine intelligence exists in the frequency the vibration of love. For our divine intelligence to be able to express itself in its true form, you must first acquire the necessary personality development. You need the experience of love. You are required to eliminate some of the dysfunctional programming that exists in your subconscious mind and replace it with the program that allows and accepts the vibration of love. 

There is a purging and cleansing that we all go through in way that is unique to us and our programs that we run. They will come to the surface whether you want them to or not as you undergo the evolutionary change of your own beliefs and programming. This is not being done to you, this is being done for you. This is achieved in most cases through the model of relationship and how you are currently experiencing it and expressing it. This will change as you continue down the evolutionary path of waking up to the real situation. The new programming that you are being gifted allows for these changes to take place and will usually occur in the sleep state. This is done so your conscious mind won’t interfere with the process. 

Our programming exists in the deeper states of our subconscious. The new programming that is created in the sleep state is a creative process utilizing your current beliefs so you will accept the process. It is common to experience a place that you may be familiar with, with people you are familiar with. This is done so that you feel safe.  You won’t accept this new information in an environment where you feel threatened, putting you in a state of survival. 

Over time, you may experience communication with higher vibrational intelligences. How they choose to express themselves in your subconscious programming will differ from person to person based on each person’s beliefs of what this intelligence actually is. This will happen naturally as you grow and evolve and have your own belief systems challenged about what this intelligence is and the purpose for it choosing to work with you. It’s not all about what you want and need. This intelligence has goals it wishes to fulfill with your assistance. It understands that you have basic needs to fulfill to maintain a healthy, balanced emotional state of being. It is more than happy to help you achieve this. It’s goal is to eventually teach you to do it all on your own. There is no interest in doing the work for you but with you. 

During this evolutionary process, as your dysfunctional programming is replaced by programming that allows more love into your life creating a state of being of love, new talents may take form.  This will usually start in the dream state, in the sleep state where it is easier to program your subconscious mind. Over time this program will be filtered up to your conscious waking state where you can actively use this new program in a way that is right for you. It is done this way because when we are in the sleep state, our conscious mind doesn’t interfere with the process. We allow the process to take form. We stop fighting and accept and allow ourselves to be free and unlimited. Eventually the programming that is done in the sleep state will become automatic, allowing you to communicate and experience the soul to soul experience on a deeper level, allowing communication on a soul to soul level to be more fluid and require less effort on your part, potentially becoming as natural to you as breathing. Your body will just know what to do and how to do it.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson