What, Exactly, is Spiritual Healing?

When we talk about mediumship most of us think of the communication aspect, talking to our loved ones who no longer exist in our space in time. What about healing mediumship also referred to as spiritual healing? But what exactly is spiritual healing? That all depends on who you ask. The simplest explanation is from spirit through spirit to spirit. The healing medium or healer will work as a conduit, the middle man between the higher vibrational intelligences or spirt people, allowing these intelligences to work through the medium. Spirit knows where the healing is needed most. Don’t assume just because you came in with back pain or knee pain that the energy will go there. They will address the cause not the symptoms. The reality is we just get in the way out of our need to control the outcome. We assume that if we have a pain in the neck, the healing should go there but that’s not always the case. The healing medium understands and accepts that spirit or higher vibrational intelligences know better than they do what the person receiving the healing really needs.

But How Does it Work?

Now that we have a basic understanding that the healing energies from spirit are going through the medium and from the medium to the person receiving the healing, let’s dive into what is actually taking place. We know that spirt exists in a different vibration than we do and can do very little to assist someone who doesn’t know how to raise their vibration. That’s where the medium or healer comes in. They raise their vibration using a variety of methods. Most commonly used would be meditation or intention with a breathing technique designed to move their energy to a point where they can meet spirit halfway, a point where spirit and the medium can blend, working together, joining forces. It is at this point where the medium with the combined effort of spirit can now facilitate the spiritual healing session. The healing medium isn’t really doing anything but allowing themselves to be a conduit for the energy. They aren’t actually healing you. The real credit belongs to spirit and the higher vibrational intelligences facilitating the spiritual healing and most importantly the person receiving the healing. If they are not open to it actually working, then it probably won’t. 

I Feel this Weird Tingling Sensation in my Body even after the Session is Over.  Is that Normal?

Yes, that is completely normal and nothing to worry about. It is normal for the healing to continue even after the session is over, normally for approximately twenty-four hours. The best thing you can do is to not resist it. Find a quiet place to sit or lay down if you feel the energy is too intense. If it still feels too intense, put the intention to spirit that energy be dialled down to a point you feel more comfortable.

What Can I do to get the Most out of my Spiritual Healing Session?

The simple answer is do nothing but allow and accept the healing to take place. But how exactly do we do nothing and allow accept? In order to receive, you need to be in a place of gratitude and allow your body to relax. This is where relaxation techniques like meditation will come in handy. If possible, ask your spiritual healer if that’s something they do or if they mind if you do a short mediation before hand.

Can I Still Take Part in a Spiritual Healing Session if I don’t Like Hands-on Healing?

Yes, of course you can. I recommend you let your healer know ahead of time. It isn’t necessary for any healer to lay their hands on you. Remember, spiritual healing is from spirit through spirit to spirit. That higher vibrational intelligence that is assisting in the healing process isn’t capable of physically touching you or the medium in your 3d physical world and yet the medium and the person receiving the healing still have a physical experience in their own body. But if they can’t physically touch my physical body why do I feel this pressure on my shoulders or other areas of my body as the healing is taking place only to find out at no point did the healer put their hands on me on those areas or on me at all? How is that even possible? Most people’s energy field or aura extends a couple feet or more. It is this field of energy that is being affected. This is done for your benefit to give you an experience that feels real so you know something is actually happening. If you know something is actually happening, you are more likely to accept the healing that is taking place rather than rejecting it. This is intended in most cases to be a slow process. The Intelligence facilitating the spiritual healing doesn’t want you to be frightened of the unknown.

The Healing is Over.  Now What?

The healing session is over. It’s the next day. You feel uplifted and positive but you’re unsure if you should keep going back to receive spiritual healing or how long you should wait between sessions. That really depends on each individual but it’s important to note that the role of any healer isn’t actually to heal you or fix you. That’s your job. It’s the role of the spiritual healer to assist you in the healing process whether that be physical emotional or spiritual. The healer should be able to provide you with some education, creating with you some tools that you can do on your own as part of your daily practice to encourage the healing process. 

Spiritual Healing Groups. Should I Join One?

Yes, you should absolutely join or make your own spiritual healing group. Think of it like this: is it easier to find the motivation to do something in your everyday life like going to the gym when you have someone or a group of people supporting you, encouraging you and doing it with you? I think you know it is, don’t you? When joining or creating any group of this nature, it is important that you get the right people together. The most successful groups are the ones who are a good vibrational match for each other. In most cases there will be a leader for the group. This person will most likely do a mediation for the group and create ample opportunity for each individual to receive healing and to be the healer. Every style will be different. Find what works for you. My preferred method in a group healing atmosphere is for the person receiving the healing to sit in the middle of the group while everyone else in the group raises their vibration, connecting to spirit and allowing themselves to be conduits for spirit focusing their attention on the person in the centre of circle. This is usually most successful when done in a guided mediation format allowing the group to blend their energies together, keeping each others thoughts and feelings closer together with the clear intention focused on the person in the centre of the group.

Can I do this on my Own Without a Spiritual Healer?

Yes, of course you can. That is the end goal. I strongly encourage everyone I work with to work towards that goal. I teach all my students to work in a way that’s right for them at a pace that works for them. This is a process that should be undertaken slowly and gradually. This is not a race to the finish line. I encourage you to keep things simple. Don’t over-complicate things with all the bells and whistles and fancy chakra mediations and completed breathing techniques. To begin with, just focus on your breath, moving your attention and your focus to your heart centre. Then send the invitation out to spirit, those that have your best interest at heart who are here to assist you in the healing process. Ask them to step forward and just become aware of any subtle changes in your body. If your mind wonders just bring your attention back to your breath and focus your attention back to your heart centre. This will naturally raise your vibration to a point where you can meet spirit so they can assist you in the healing process. It’s really that simple. I recommend a guided mediation to help you get the rhythm of working with spirit in this matter. Discover what works best for you. Some will work best in complete silence. Some will work best with just music. Some of us like a guided meditation. I encourage you to do this when possible at the same time for at least 10-20 minutes a day preferably in the morning as part as your routine. The most important thing is being consistent in your practice. Don’t worry so much on how long you sit. For spirit, repetition is key. No one can do this for you. It’s up to you whether or not you do the work. But I can promise you there is a loving intelligence willing to do the work with you when you are ready. I hope you take the time to create a meaningful relationship with it. Don’t worry about what it’s trying to tell you. Don’t focus all your energy on trying to receive the message. That will come in time. Just be willing to receive the healing that this intelligence knows you deserve if only you will give yourself permission to receive it. But you have to be willing to do the work and meet spirt half way. But will you? Well, that’s entirely up to you. I hope you make a choice that will allow you to create time in your life to do this work with spirit, this loving intelligence. Healing first so you can create a better tomorrow. As always the choice is yours. I have no doubt in mind that you will make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written By Jon Wilkinson