What is the Divine Intelligence?
The divine intelligence is a loving intelligence. We know that through the vibration of love that communication with this intelligence is possible. We also know that there is a direct link to what we think and what we feel that creates the program of you. This intelligence uses the program of you to communicate with you so you will accept it. It will work within the parameters of your own belief systems. There are many theories about what this intelligence is based on your upbringing and what you were told it was. Some view this intelligence as entities such as angels or fairies, something magical and mystical. Some view this intelligence as spirit people who at some point probably existed here on earth and had experiences of their own while they were here. Some will accept a more scientific perspective and will view this intelligence as a unisex being. Who is right? You are all right!  It’s your truth that you accept in your current state of consciousness. This truth will allow you to work with this intelligence in a way that is right for you. This is all done for your benefit so you will accept and allow this intelligence to work with you. It understands that the only way to work with you is to make you feel safe. If you don’t feel safe you won’t do the work and get to know this intelligence and create a loving relationship built from trust.
So what’s the point in even bothering communicating with this intelligence? Or better yet, why does it even bother talking to you? The answer is simple:  to become more knowledgeable. The intelligence has a great deal to teach you if you are patient enough to take the time to get to know it. Believe it or not, this isn’t a one-way street: there is a great deal that this intelligence learns from us, too. This is a friendship and potentially a new best friend. Friends work with each other, teach each other, and learn and grow together from each other’s experiences. This intelligence is not all-knowing and all-seeing. It does not have all the answers. It may have a lot of them but not all. You have something worthwhile to offer it. It will be drawn to you based on your own energetic vibration of creation and the program of you. It needs to be able to get along with you and you with it.  
Not that these entities are guiding you or telling you what to do. They are in fact helping and assisting you reach your potential. Giving you advice, supporting you in your everyday life. That sounds a lot like a friend doesn’t it? Yet we keep asking them for favours rarely giving anything back. That doesn’t sound like we’re being a good friend, always taking but never giving anything back. Don’t you think they have feelings, too? Maybe there’s something they need help or assistance with. Have you ever even asked them that as you’ve connected with them? Don’t worry! This is a loving intelligence.  They don’t take these things too seriously. Some have a wicked sense of humour. Some are quite shy. They have unique personalities. They are all different, just like we are all different. 
Working with this intelligence is a unique experience for each individual. Don’t put any expectations on how this intelligence chooses to work with you. It will change as your own vibration of creation begins to shift to the higher vibrations of love as you continue down the evolutionary process of waking up. The goal here is to make the best use of their energy and yours. They want to be able to assist as many people through the awakening process, healing and creating from the heart and they want you to do the same if you so choose. Ultimately the desired outcome for the divine intelligence is to teach you how to heal yourself. Through the higher vibrations of love, overriding your current dysfunctional programs that are causing you to be sick. The more you are able to repair your current dysfunctional programs, the easier working with the intelligence becomes and the more you contribute in a positive meaningful way to the global vibration of creation. 
This process is intended to be simple. Unfortunately, we tend to make it more challenging than it needs to be. We keep getting in our own way out of need to control everything about how the process works. This is a slow process.  Slow down!  Build that relationship of trust first!  Get familiar and comfortable with their energetic vibration close to yours! You can’t allow this intelligence to assist you with the healing process if you don’t feel safe. A lot of us still don’t feel safe with this process, afraid of what others may think about us working with this intelligence.  Having a strong support network of people interested in doing the work together is a key component to the success of this evolutionary process of waking up and healing and creating from the heart. Without it, the work can become challenging and can create a state of being of survival and you can’t heal and create in a state of being of survival.  This loving intelligence wants nothing more than to assist you but will you allow them to do so? Will you do the work with them and share it with others? Well, that’s up to you. I hope you make the correct choice.
Inspired by the divine Intelligence
Created just for you
Written by Jon Wilkinson