Who are Your Spirit Guides?

For most of us, we have grown accustomed to asking our spirit guides for help at some point.  We expect guidance and answers on a consistent basis from this divine intelligence.  Most of the time, we expect that they will just tell us exactly what to do and how to be in order to create the thing we want. In the early stages in your spiritual development, it might be necessary for your spirit guides to hold your hand, spoon-feeding all the information you need so that you will feel safe. It is their primary objective to make sure you feel safe, protected and loved. They are parenting you. There will always come a time when they will need to let go of your hand and let you step into the world as a spiritual being, allowing you to become a  spiritually mature adult.

Understanding Your Spirit Guides

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the true nature of the relationship between you and your spirit guides. Your spirit guides play the role of a parent.  It was never intended that they would just do everything for you. The end goal was always to get you to become a proficient creator capable of standing on your own two feet.

I want you to think back to that time in your life when you first learned to ride a bicycle and the training wheels came off. Your parent ran behind you and finally let go, letting you ride the bicycle on your own. That’s exactly what your spirit guides are doing.  At some point, they need to let go and let you ride the bicycle of life on your own without needing someone to walk behind you just in case you fall down.

Are You Ready to Let Go of Your Spirit Guides’ Hands?

If you can accept that they are playing the role of a parent, it becomes easier to understand the importance of not relying on them for every little thing in your life. When we’re young, our parents’ job was to feed us, cloth us, make sure we were safe, yes?  However, at some point, we had to learn to do those things for ourselves. At some point, we left home and started to create our lives. We got a place to stay, a job, maybe even found ourselves in a relationship. We became an independent person—at least that was the plan. And yes, sometimes we need to go back but eventually we have to leave again. Your spirit guides understand this. They can’t do anything for you but offer you support and the gift of allowing you to do things on your own when you are ready. As you step outside of your comfortable bubble of relying on your spirit guides, there may be a few road-bumps, understanding that they are still there in the same capacity as a loving parent. Only now, they ask you to start relying on yourself for fulfilling your needs. But are ready to let go of their hands and believe in yourself, trust in your own ability to create a happy, fulling life?

The Goal for Some is to Become the Guide Here on Earth

Some of us, I’m sure, have heard the term ‘earth angel’. I prefer the term parent rather than guide or earth angel. For some of us, we will feel called, pushed, pulled, nudged to a higher calling. Call yourself a light worker, earth angel whatever label suits you. It is your job, your mission to fulfill a certain role while here on earth and not necessarily some divine mission. Simply a loving a parent here to assist others in becoming spiritually mature adults so that they can do the same. Not necessarily on some grand scale. In most cases, it will just be with their own children, in their workplace or wherever life happens to take them. But we have to learn to not do the work for people. We need to learn and teach each other not to rely on the psychic, the medium or the healer to fix everything in our life or to tell us what to do. The next evolution of our spiritual unfoldment is about empowering each other to do it all for ourselves while still being available to offer our support and our love as a loving spiritual parent. It is time for the people of the world to become spiritually mature adults as we all take the next steps from childhood to adulthood. My question to you is this: are you ready to do your part? Are you ready to step into the future becoming a medium of tomorrow playing the role as a spirit guide, a light-worker, an earth angel or the parent? Or will you simply keep doing the work for someone else, spoon-feeding them all the information? It is my hope that we will all step into this new role and let go the old way of doing things.

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson