Stepping into the Evolution of our Global Consciousness

As the global conscious continues on this evolutionary path, a lot of us are left with a lot of questions. Consumed by our fears and dysfunctional lower vibrational thought processes, we struggle to understand how to navigate this time of uncertainty in our lives. The reality is the world as we are currently experiencing it is a direct result to the lower dysfunctional energy created from our thoughts and feelings as a global consciousness. It’s not one person’s doing.  It’s simply part of the evolutionary path of moving from our lower energy centres to our higher vibrations of the heart. 

For those of you who have gone through any form of spiritual awakening whether you called it kundalini awakening, heart centre awakening or just a spiritual awakening, do you remember how your whole life fell apart all around you?  More than likely, you had some knowledge about this process or you quickly became knowledgable, right? So you could understand and accept that this was a process. You allowed the old you to fall away so the new you could be recreated. What happens when you don’t allow it to unfold? Nothing good! It gets worse and more painful, doesn’t it? When we refuse to listen to what our higher self has been trying to tell us, a lot of us will need an experience to shatter us to our core so that we will have no choice but to stop, listen, breathe, heal, then recreate ourselves with kinder, gentler, more loving eyes. 

We’re all Being Catapulted Through an Awakening Process

It seems to me that we’ve reached a point in our evolution of the global consciousness that enough is enough and we’re all being pushed through this process whether we want it or not. What we are currently experiencing is the burning away of our dysfunctional programming. It hurts, doesn’t it?  It’s created a lot of dis-ease in our vibration of creation which has created dis-ease in the global field of creation. Make sense? In order for the damage to be fixed, we needed to be pushed. We needed an experience to wake us all up. Let’s face it, we weren’t getting it. The question we need to ask ourselves is: why have we all been giving our energy to our dysfunctional selves?

There are Two Fields of Creation

I would suggest to you that there are in fact two fields of creation that we give our energy to. The field of dysfunction and the field of love. The field of dysfunction is the lower vibration that most of us give to on a regular basis every time we get triggered or tell ourselves that story of our past where we got hurt or we hurt someone. We are recreating those lower vibration experiences. I call this the field of dysfunction. The field of love is the energetic vibration where everything in my life goes right. Thats the field I do my best to contribute to. For when I am doing this I’m contributing to the global consciousness in a positive way. Here’s the thing: we were all more or less programmed to be dysfunctional in some way or another. For most of us, pain is how we learn and grow. These dysfunctional programs are now being burned away for a great many of us. There’s nothing you can do to stop this process. I encourage you to do your best to allow and accept this process to unfold as it is intended. 

How, Exactly, do I Give to the Field of Love?

I want you to take a moment and ask yourself what is happening in your world that keeps bringing your attention back to the experience where you got hurt or you hurt someone. What is stopping you from detaching from the experience of dysfunction? You have lived your life in your lower vibrations for so long it’s doubtful you even know the answer to that question. And thats ok.  Just understand that this is a process and those lower vibrations of your past experiences are being moved into a higher vibration of the heart where they can be reprocessed and in most cases re-experienced on a deeper level. Only this time, as you go through the experience, you more than likely have an understanding of what’s happening. You’re processing data, the data of the vibration of you. This data is your programming. This programming can be changed to create something brand new in the field of love. 

As you are being nudged into this field step by step, you are being afforded the opportunity to reinvent yourself. The question you need to ask yourself now is: who do you want to be? What do you wanna create? When you’re ready to answer that, you’re ready to step into the higher vibrational field of love.  It is in this field where your dysfunctional programming of you doesn’t exist. It is in this place where you become the computer programmer and can write a new program that will allow you to be the you that you’ve always wanted to be but were just too afraid to be. Are you ready to be that you, that higher vibration of you that your higher self already knows that you are? You just gotta believe it!  But will you? I have no doubt in mind you will, but how long it takes is entirely up to you.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson