The Truth About the Law of Creation

Many of us spend the majority of our lives wondering: when will things improve for me? When will I succeed and fulfill my heart’s desires? Spending those sleepless nights asking for help, guidance, support? Something so you know what to do next!  Have you ever asked yourself who you are even talking to or who you are asking for help? Is it the creator, some higher vibrational intelligence or something else entirely? Don’t you want to know? How do you know their advice, their knowledge, is any good?  Maybe you should ask yourself what to do next. Maybe you should listen to your own higher vibrational intelligence. “But I can’t seem to get things right,” you say. “I keep creating the wrong things in my life. I keep attracting the situations in my life I don’t want. How do I stop from doing that? Can’t some spirit, some higher vibrational intelligence just tell me what I’m supposed to do next? That would seem simpler, wouldn’t it? 

The goal isn’t to lead you around like a dog on a leash telling you where to go, telling you to sit and obey. The goal is and always has been to teach you to be a proficient creator, a creator who creates the right things that allow you to give to the field of creation in a positive way and still have your own wish fulfillment fulfilled, creating the opportunity for possibility, allowing you to push into the field of magic and wonder where anything is possible, to that place where doubt and regret don’t exist. I invite you to take a moment and pause that story you’re telling yourself right now. Hit the rewind button. Go back to the beginning of the story that you’ve been telling yourself this whole time about why you can’t do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do, why you won’t pursue your hearts desires. I want you to ask yourself this: what is really stopping you? Why aren’t you already moving into that direction? I think you already know the answer to that, don’t you? You’re stopping yourself. But why are you doing that? What is the real truth behind all the lies and half truths? 

Go to that origin point, that point in time in the story of you where you first told yourself you couldn’t do something, when someone else told you that you couldn’t do something whatever that something was. Now I want you to change that whole story from start to finish where you did do that something and you were successful and that person that told you couldn’t do that something told you could. Not only that, they helped you do it, too! You did it together.  I want you to give yourself permission to change your story, to rewrite the book of you. 

As a child you believed in such magic and knew anything was possible, that angels and fairies and fairytale endings were how things could be. That Peter Pan could fly away with some pixie dust and happy thoughts and every moment was an adventure, a new experience. What would that child say to you right now, I wonder? Don’t you think that child still has a voice yearning to be heard? Maybe you should ask that intelligence, “What would you like to do?” That voice knows the power behind the magic of stories and immersing yourself in the experience of magic and wonder. Can you take a moment out of the craziness of life to do that? To dare yourself to dream and believe in the possibility that if you changed this one story in the deep recesses of your mind you may change a program that you have been running your whole life, completely unaware of what you were doing? And finally that light shines on that program and you see it for what it truly is: dysfunction. You have finally come to the understanding that now that you know that this is nothing more than a story, it’s not even real anymore. 

The truth is you’re not even sure it really happened the way you think it happened. Yet you have been punishing yourself all these years for no reason other than you thought you deserved it. You became addicted to feeling this way until it’s all you ever knew. Life kept unfolding this way and you just went with it because you thought you were supposed to be this way for no other reason than someone told you a story that said this is who you are what you are and this is all you will ever be. My question to you is this: do you still accept this person or event holds any real power over you or do you accept this one simple fact that you’ve been doing it to yourself this whole time? The questions aren’t:  how do I change? How and when will things improve for me? Why won’t some higher vibrational intelligence, the creator of all things tell me what to do? The real question you need ask, now that you finally woke up to the real situation of creation:  am I gonna keep telling myself that same story I always tell myself? Or will you begin a brand new chapter in the new story of you, knowing that it will lay the foundation for the new program of you, creating the new vibration of you, making way for the band new enriched life full of new, positive experiences that you wholeheartedly deserve? But you have the make the choice to change your own story. But will you make the choice to tell a different story? I have no doubt that you will make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson