Mediumship Within the Soul to Soul Connection Experience

Most of us at some point will have some sort of a mystical experience in the connection of the heart, a soul to soul connection. Some have had the experience of some sort of telepathic connection with this person, hearing their thoughts when in an open, vulnerable state of being or just knowing what they’re feeling. Have you ever asked yourself why this is even possible? Most will draw the conclusion that this is soulmate or twin flame. But perhaps there is something more to it than than that. Sure this story, this idea of soulmate of twin flame, is nice and makes you feel good that you have finally found the one your spirit as been searching for, your perfect vibrational match. But I wonder if it ever occurred to you that this story of soulmate and twin flame is nothing more than that, a story? A story created to get you to do the work and keep doing the work so that your spirt may grow and evolve and through this soul to soul connection experience and that through the manifestation of a deep relationship with yourself and another soul, the latent abilities of your own mediumship may be unearthed? 

Let us pause for a moment and ask yourselves:  what exactly do you know? What exactly can you prove? Can you definitely prove there is a soulmate or twin flame or is it that you can only prove a soul to soul connection, an experience that your spirt has yearned for, gravitated towards, as though it is the one really in control? More than likely, somewhere along the way, you read a book or googled soulmate and twin flame and adopted someone else’s version of truth: their story, without a shred of actual evidence or proof, for no other reason than it made you feel good, and that finally, you have arrived at some divine mission? Yes, you did arrive at something, just not what you think. You arrived at a moment in time when you are ready to actually evolve. You are finally ready to peel back the curtain and experience the world through new eyes at a higher vibration.  As you allow yourself to step into this connection, you allow your own mediumship to unfold. This is all made possible through the soul to soul connection. 

I want you to take a moment and ask yourself this: how would things be different if you never heard of soulmate or twin flame? Don’t you think you might create your own story, your own version of the truth about what this connection is that is based on your experience, your own logic? So why is it that you feel the need to defend, protect this notion of someone else’s story, their version of the truth? Do you even know? Do you even care? You should! This is your own evolution, not theirs. 

The purpose of this connection if multifaceted. It is by its very nature designed to create with you the programming necessary to unfold the mediumistic faculty that is within each of us to varying degrees.  That is if you can accept that mediumship isn’t just talking to the spirit people or other intelligences, that yes, this is a part of it but this faculty is capable of so much more within this connection; if you would allow yourself to tear down your own walls, that bad programming that you have been running for years, possibly without even realizing it, this faculty that we call mediumship was designed to allow us to communicate more freely with each other in the higher vibrations of love. It’s not that this is only for a select few, the chosen ones. It’s simply that most us have not developed the spiritual maturity required to gain access to it yet. This connection is created for you to allow you to gain this spiritual maturity in order for you to gain access to this mediumistic faculty that you may have been cut off from. 

As we venture through the unfoldment of the mediumistic faculty through the soul to soul connection experience, you will be asked to recreate your own story that doesn’t require labels. This soul to soul connection will give birth to a new way of being. These labels that so many of us attach to as we continue down this path of unfoldment suffocate this faculty of higher vibrational communication. It only serves as a doorway for many of us to peak our interest. But once you actually go through that door and enter into the vastness of this connection, these labels will only serve to keep you from reaching your spirit’s unlimited potential. You are a divine being, a higher vibrational intelligence, housed in a physical body. This intelligence does not require the labels that only serve to keep you stuck in a loop. It will force you, in one way or another, to remove these labels that keep you stuck for your own benefit so you may experience the mediumistic faculty as it was intended: a vast communication network for higher vibrational intelligences to communicate more freely. This is for us all when you are ready to understand it and use it properly. It doesn’t make you more special than anyone else just because you have acquired the necessary spiritual maturity to begin to comprehend this communication network through the soul to soul connection experience. It just means you finally grew up. The real question you need to ask is, now that you finally grew up and see this connection for what it really is without the need for labels, what are you going to do next? What are you going to create? How are you going to assist others with their own story so they may too, one day, have access to this communication network and finally speak as their spirit intended? 

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson