The Hidden Truths About the Soul to Soul Connection Experience

Many of us have adopted our own philosophy or beliefs about what the soul to soul connection is. I pose this question to you: is it really your philosophy or belief or did you just accept someone else’s beliefs and philosophies because they told you it was true, because they preyed on your own insecurities, your fears, your pain?  The reality is that this connection, by its very nature, will burn away many of your current beliefs and philosophies about what this connection is. 

All you really know is that you are connected. You are in the experience of a heart centre connection. You don’t actually know if they are a twin flame, a soul mate or whatever label you wanna put on it. You know that this connection takes you up to the higher vibration of love. Many of you even experienced a state of union within the the higher vibration of love. When in this state of union in the higher vibration of love, everything in your life just seemed to go right. You just seemed to be able to create everything you needed. All your needs were met at that moment in time when you were in the higher vibrations of love, when you achieved a state of union. 

Many ask, “What is my life purpose?  What am I here to do?”  The answer is simple:  achieve a state of union as best as your consciousness will accept. In this state of being you are contributing to the global vibration of creation in a positive way. Your purpose is to heal, then create. What form that takes will be different from person to person. 

In order to go up into the state of union, you must first go down. Go within the connection of the soul to soul connection. Look at what’s underneath the connection, what you can’t yet see. You can’t see it because you’re not ready to see it. You’re blinded by your own dysfunctional programming, those beliefs and philosophies that limit you, that stop you achieving a higher vibration of love. These connections have the potential to force you to eliminate your own dysfunctional programming. Your own divine intelligence is in the driver’s seat.  Whether or not you accept that, well, that’s up to you. 

This intelligence, the real program of you, will keep presenting you with opportunities to eliminate these dysfunctional programs. Until you actually listen to it. Until you actually do the work and tell yourself the truth and stop lying to yourself and stop playing the victim, the martyr.  In order for your divine intelligence to shine through, the dysfunction that resides within your body needs to go. But most of us are quite stubborn and have become addicted to our dysfunctional programming. We have told ourselves for years this is who I am and who I will always be until someone or something or some divine event heals me. That someone, that divine event probably already happened.  You just weren’t paying attention. You were too blind to see what was right in front of you:  this opportunity to burn away your own dysfunctional programming. Not to worry!  You will keep creating that same opportunity until you actually see the truth about your own dysfunctional programming. Your divine intelligence will make sure of that. This is for your own benefit so you can reach your potential and fulfill your purpose: to heal, then create in the higher vibrations of love, giving back to the global vibration of creation in a positive way. How long that takes is entirely up to you. No one but you can actually heal or burn away your own dysfunctional programming. You have to make the choice to do it or stay stuck in the addiction of your own dysfunction. The choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson