Sitting in one of Jon’s circles is such a powerful and healing experience. His knowledge, patience and openness make him a wonderful teacher and healer. 
He teaches the tools needed to bring this healing into your daily life and is always eager to answer any questions you may have. Going to his circles was the highlight of my week!

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Jon is a very caring and open spiritual being. He generously gives his space, time and knowledge to others who are like-minded and perhaps needing a helping hand in navigating the unknown. On a personal level, Jon has helped me feel supported and able to answer questions that are hard to find answers too. He has provided a safe space where we can meditate and explore energies and the like. He has gone out of his way to reach out and make sure I am doing okay and is always available to answer anything that may come up at any time. Thank you Jon for providing this in our community!  

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Jon is exceptional at doing guided meditations, while holding space for people who seek spiritual guidance and meaning. Jon facilitates and empowers people to actively explore what "spirit" looks like in relationship to their own lives, in a gentle , relaxed and calm learning environment . It truly is a pleasure to work alongside him. 

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