My Teenager sees Spirit! What do I do Now?

Your teenager is seeing spirit and you’re not sure what you’re supposed to do about it. The teenager describes it as this shadow silhouette person. You know that there is mental illness in your family. You’re probably more than a little bit concerned. Understandably so. Chances are your teenager is more frightened about these experiences than you are, realizing they are not in control. The mediums and psychics say just tell them to go away. Just turn it off. Surround yourself in white light to ward off the bad spirits. What changes? Nothing changes. All that really happened is that they reinforced this story about how the bad spirits are out to get them. All that really happened is they learned that this faculty has an intelligence, a mind of its own. 

This intelligence we call mediumship needs to be understood and treated as in intelligence. This is their spirit trying to communicate in a way that is foreign to most of us. In order for this to happen knowledge, understanding and acceptance are necessary. You need to understand what this intelligence actually is. Yes, it seems scary because it’s the unknown but it’s no more scary than any person living. It’s no more or less capable of negative actions than any person. It’s just in a different frequency that’s all. If the teenager is in a state of being of fear, anxiety, pain, or suffering, the teenager will attract to them an intelligence of equal frequency, of similar vibration. If they think these intelligence are out to get them, then they are because in their world, in their reality, their story said it’s so. Their thoughts and feelings have created the programming in which this is the case. This is a slow process. 

Every medium, every person waking up to this faculty, this new way of communicating needs support, needs people to talk to about it to keep them grounded so they know they are safe and that they are the ones doing it all. All they have to do is make a different choice if they feel unsafe:  learn to trust. There are safety protocols put into place to protect the novice as they begin to fumble around learning about this brand new way of being. But what exactly are these safety protocols? Most of you would call them guides or angels. To me, they’re just my friends. In order to actually be able to work with these friends, personality development is required. There are certain criteria that has to be met. These intelligences will only work with those of us who have the necessary personality development or traits. Think of it like this: a lot of us wouldn’t want to work with or be friends with someone who was only out for them selves, right? These intelligences work in a similar fashion. They have no interest in working with people of that lower vibration. That does not mean they have abandoned them. They will wait as long as necessary allowing the individual to create the necessary personality required to work with them by obtaining the necessary vibration. 

The very fact that your teenager is naturally able to see, perceive and experience these higher vibrational intelligence is evidence that they do in fact have some of the necessary personality development. If it can be accepted that this is a loving intelligence and that your teenager does in fact have the necessary personality development to begin creating a relationship with these intelligences, that is the first step. The next step to be taken is to create the language of soul to soul communication. I theorize that is through our own romantic relationships, through the experience of falling in love or in the case of most teenagers the first experience of puppy love that the language of the soul to soul communication is created. The ability to experience and express love is of critical importance in the young mediums unfoldment. But this is just one path. Some do not require the relationship in the traditional sense. They have no need for relationship in order to create the vibration of love required to create the personality development that is required for a relationship with these intelligences. But for the majority of us romantic relationship is necessary. 

We have established that we need the personality development and  the experience of a soul to soul connection for most and all of this will occur for most teenagers. This begs the question: what exactly is there to be done to assist the teenager in navigating their relationship with these intelligences? Let me ask you this: can you really teach someone what love is simply by reading about it or do you need to experience it for yourself? If you can answer that question then I have no doubt that you would agree that all you really need to do is support them and trust that they came in with the right ingredients, the correct programming that allows for the makings of the beginning stages of the necessary personality development to allow them to explore this relationship with these intelligences that exists in a higher vibration of love. And all they really need to do is experience love through the soul to soul connection experience, trusting they will get as many opportunities as they need to have that experience of the higher vibrations of the soul to soul connection experience. Knowing all of this and everything you experienced I have no doubt you know exactly how best to support and assist your teenager in navigating their connection with their friends that exist in the higher vibrations of love.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson