Teenagers and the Evolution of their Heart Centres

Most youth going through the awakening through the evolution of the heart centre will have some unsettling and unpleasant experiences  with this process. It wasn’t intended to be this way. Lack of education and more importantly, lack of proper information, has made this experience the unpleasant ordeal that many have experienced.  Many believe the most critical point in a youth’s development is during childhood as the brain develops and the programming is created. Yes, this is an important time, but I’m still of the belief that the most critical part of our development is the point when some teenagers will actually begin to experience the evolution of the heart centre. Commonly called heart centre awakening. 

We know that there is a a connection between puberty and the awakening process and that during this time, some teenagers will also experience the heart centre awakening. The real question we need to ask is, “Why is this occurrence so rare right now? Why does it appear as though a select few have been chosen to undergo this evolution of the heart centre while so many don’t go though this evolutionary process of waking up until much later in their lives?”  The truth is we don’t know. All we really know is that this is a process designed to heal the current dysfunctional programming that many of us still run which has created the world as we are currently experiencing it.  In order for the world to actually heal, drastic measures were required. This involved catapulting mankind through this evolutionary process called the heart centre awakening. We understand that some of us are undergoing this evolutionary change which is removing some of our dysfunctional programming that we were gifted with. It’s important to understand the initiation of this process and what that will actually mean for youth as they mature and go through this experience. 

But why is it being done this way now? The answer is simple: relationship. Our relationships have become mostly dysfunctional and the most important relationship of all is the one with yourself. The evolutionary process of the heart centre will naturally make you create a loving relationship with yourself first. As we continue through this experience your concepts, beliefs and ideologies about love and relationship get a complete makeover. You will be gifted with a new program which will allow you to experience your emotions, your feelings and the attraction you feel towards people as well as your romantic interests all through the correct energy centre, your heart centre.  In doing this, you will start to contribute to the field in a positive way. 

During the early stages, most of us will go through a period where we feel we have lost it. We become very unbalanced approaching the threshold of mental health issues. This is completely normal. You need to lose your mind, lose your old self for the new one to take shape and be born. You are creating a new program, a template for the generations that follow to go through this process more easily.  It is for this reason that we will begin to see more and more teenagers go through this process as it is deemed necessary based on their environment and the probability of a successful evolution of their heart centre. 

During the experience of soul to soul connections manifested through the newly evolved heart centre, heightened levels of heart centre communication will naturally start to develop with the individual. This tends to vary from person to person.  Some will experience this entirely through the emotional body, at first becoming highly sensitive to the experience of their soul to soul connections, feelings and experiences. Some will develop a clearer, more concise means of heart centre communication, developing a heightened physic connection within this connection. This is made possible through the evolution of the heart centre when it is deemed appropriate for the individual to develop this faculty.

For this type of communication to first be created, the vibrational energy of both parties involved needs to be relatively close to each other. They need to vibrate at a similar frequency. Reasonably close will do; perfection is not required. This model of heart centre communication is nothing new. It just appears that way to some of us. It is important to understand that all you really know as you experience this model of communication, is that this does not in any way mean anything more than that this person is of a similar vibration to you. That’s how this communication works. Moving forward, you will be seeing a lot more of this specifically with teenagers as they have less dysfunctional programming than most adults. If the answer to fixing or repairing the field of creation is through relationship, it makes a lot more sense to begin to template the youth of today with this model of communication. Doesn’t it? 

It can all be unsettling, scary and frightening if you don’t know what to expect, if you’re not accustomed to experiencing another soul’s vibration of creation, their thoughts, their feelings, even their experiences. You need to understand that all that’s really happening is you are talking and that is all expressed in the higher vibrations of the heart centre. This will become the new normal in time. But for now, you all have an important job to do. Become educated so you can understand and accept this form of higher vibration heart centre communication. But will you?  Well, that’s up to you. I hope you made the correct choice.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson