Why Does my Child Talk to Imaginary Friends?

It is widely believed by many in the spiritual community that mediums are born, not made. The unfoldment of this faculty is nothing more than a program. We all come into this world with similar variations of programming passed down to us from our parents. Somewhere in your family tree, the programming that allows your child to communicate with the higher vibrational intelligences exists. There is nothing magical or mystical about it. By its very nature, it is nothing more than a program. Which means it is nothing more than a program. Which means everyone has the potential to create that same program. Doesn’t it? 

The problem is that there is a lot more incorrect fearful information floating around depicting these intelligences as something bad, something that is out to get you. It is the unknown. Hollywood has done a great job at creating a program of fear around these higher vibrational intelligences, depicting them as dead people, something evil. Many are programmed to believe that if you don’t protect yourself, they may cause you harm. These are man-made ideologies, philosophies and beliefs. It is understandable that it is easier for most of us to just accept the concept of good spirits or bad spirits. 

I invite you to ask yourself this question: where exactly is the proof and evidence of good spirts and bad spirits? Chances are, you were just told by someone older than you, that seemed to know what they were talking about it, that you needed to protect yourself, surround yourself in white light anytime you are working with any higher vibration intelligence. In truth, these intelligences simply exist in a different vibration than we do. They vibrate at a higher frequency. 

As we go though the experience of life, we become programmed or conditioned with a lot of dysfunctional, unhealthy programs. These programs lower our vibration to a point where we can’t experience that vibration where these intelligences exist. Most children live in this higher vibration for a time. It is their natural state of being. In their eyes, this intelligence is as real as any person in the physical world. It isn’t until they are told its not real, it’s just your imagination, that this new program begins to take form and shape. 

How do we actually know that it’s not real? Do you have any actual evidence that these higher vibrational intelligences don’t exist? Just because you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You can’t see the wind but you know it’s real when you feel the cold air against your cheek. I wonder how many of us remember a time when we had imaginary friends? If you did, were you told it was just your imagination, too? Chances are it felt real to you. If you find yourself skeptical, talk to your child about their friend. Ask them an appropriate question that there is no way your child could possibly know. See what happens. Who knows, they may actually give you proof or evidence that what you view as imagination isn’t. They are just able to do something that you possibly used to be able to do, too, you just forgot how to do it. Maybe they can show you how.  

I hope you take the opportunity to explore the possibility that they may actually be communicating with higher vibrational intelligence, that it may not be their imagination, and if they do provide you with evidence, that you accept it. Encourage them to explore their connection with this intelligence. Building a positive, loving relationship with this intelligence is an important step in the evolutionary process.  Creating the right programs allows all of us to become more proficient and effective healers and creators, which will have a positive impact on the field of creation. But will you accept that they may be in touch with this higher vibration intelligence which exists in the higher vibrations of love or will you just dismiss it as an active imagination? The choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson