How Can I Communicate with My Spirit Guides?

Throughout our lives, many of us may feel like we need guidance, support in those dark times in our lives, feeling lost and alone in the world, reaching out asking the question:  “How can I communicate with my spirit guides?” We first need to understand who our spirit guides are. I’d like you to entertain the concept that I use in my own life that our spirit guides take on the role of a loving parent. It’s their primary role to parent you, offering you advice, supporting and loving you in a very similar fashion to that of a loving parent.

Who Are Your Spirit Guides?

Your spirit guides are a loving intelligence taking on the role of a loving parent, offering you the gift of support, assisting and nurturing you as you step into becoming a spiritually mature person. When we first come into this world as newborns, we rely heavily on our parents to feed us, clothe us and protect us from the dangers of the world. As you begin to wake up, your spirit guides are fulfilling a very similar role to that of a loving parent. You may see them as a spirit person, an angel, a deity or maybe even an extraterrestrial intelligence. I want you to understand that this intelligence will be whatever you need it to be. It can only work within the parameters of your programming of what you will accept. 

Your Programming is Creating the Experience

In order to communicate with your spirit guides, you need a program that will allow you to experience their energy. I call this the programming to allow for the mystical to unfold into your life. I pose this question to you: “Do you recall a time in your life when you believed in magic where you believed magical and mythical creatures were real?”  Your imagination could create the most elaborate inner world experiences. If you can recall this time, then the programming is well intact. If you can’t recall, look to the imagination of a child.  Tune into that inner child of you. Let him or her show you how to tap into the programming to allow for the mystical to unfold into your life. Or ask your parents or a loved one to share with you a story of that time in your life when you did believe in the mystical.

Creating the Communication with your Spirit Guides

Step One:  Creating the Intention

I use a three step process to communicate and connect with my spirit guides. The first step is to create the intention by telling yourself a story of who your spirit guide is and where exactly you believe they exist. The medium would say they are spirit people and they live in the spirit world. That’s their story that they use to create a connection with what they would call spirit. I’d encourage you to find the story that works for you. There is no wrong or right here.

Step Two:  Creating the Fuel to get to Where Your Spirit Guides Exist

To create the fuel to get to where your spirit guides exist, we must teach ourselves to empower our body with the feeling of love, becoming that vibration for that is the frequency, the vibration, in which this loving intelligence exists. For many of us, we are used to only being in a lower vibration, primarily in your survival centres, mainly your solar plexus. This keeps you anchored here in the physical. Relationship, the experience of love, is one pathway to teach you to empower your body with the feeling of love. I’d invite you to think of that experience, that first crush or that first love, re-creating that time in mind, allowing your attention to go to your heart centre.

Step Three:  Create the Place in Which you can Meet Your Spirit Guides

Now I want you to think of place in your mind of your own design, your own making, that you can meet them. I want you to allow the feeling to create this place with your spirit guide. This place is in-between your physical world and that of which your spirit guide exists. Empowered with the feeling of love you can enter this space and meet and communicate with your spirit guides, asking your questions and receiving your guidance. Once you have received the answers to your question, I want you to ask for evidence, for proof that this experience was real, an event, something you can’t predict or anticipate so that you know that this communication was real.

Review the Three Steps to Connect with Spirit Guides

Step One  

Create the intention.  

Answer these questions as best you can:

Who are my spirit guides?

Where do they exist?

Step Two

Create the fuel to get to a place where you can meet them. To the best of your ability, empower your body with the feeling of love. 

Step Three

Create a place in your own mind where you can meet them. This place is in-between where they normally exist and where you normally exist in frequency. Allow the feeling to create this place with your spirit guide. Allow the experience to unfold. 

Ask for proof or evidence that what you experienced was real. Ask for an experience that you can’t predict or anticipate so you know you didn’t make it all up.

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson