Why do We go Through’ Dark Night of the Soul’?

Many of us who have gone through spiritual awakening more than likely would have heard the term dark night of the soul. You have probably heard many theories around dark night of the soul and how it is a part of the spiritual awakening process. For some, we were told a story that we need this painful experience in order to become awake or to move towards your life purpose or mission if you prefer. The problem that I have with this theory is that it creates a program that we all must follow in order to be spiritually awake: that without enduring a great deal of pain, you can’t grow. You’ve probably heard the term ‘no pain, no gain’. This story, that pain means growing, needs to change.

Spiritual Awakening is a of Gift of Rebirth

My philosophy is that we were never intended to go through a dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul only exists because of the story, because we are in separation with ourselves with what many call your spirit or higher self, if you prefer. We have fallen out of sync with ourselves. This happens because of our dysfunctional programming due to the environment that so many of us exist in during our time in our physical world. When we go through what we call spiritual awakening, we could say we are being reborn in a sense. At this point, we are but a small child. When a small child comes into this physical world, they are greeted by loved ones, people that love them. This experience of waking up was intended to be very similar to that. But instead of being greeted by people in the physical world the 3d existence, we are greeted by those that love us that exist in the higher vibrations of love. You might call them spirit or maybe spirit guides. This is the point when babies opens their eyes and see their parents for the first time., making eye contact with their mother, gently squeezing their hand, feeling the comfort and safety of their parents, a moment of connection.

Your Spirit Guides are Parents

Now that you’ve opened your eyes with thousands of questions running through your mind, you reach out for help and what do you find but this loving intelligence called a great many things.  The name doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’re awake. You have a choice to make now. Do you accept this loving intelligence as a loving parent and move towards it with your heart? Or do you reject it in fear, based on someone else’s story about what this intelligence is? It is the resistance, this fear that so many of us have towards this intelligence, that can create separation when this loving intelligence only wants what any loving parent wants for you: for you to be happy. For you to find love and live a life full of excitement and freedom. It is our inability to understand this intelligence as a loving parent that helps facilitate the separation from self that will create your dark night of the soul. More pain so that you can realize who you really are: a higher vibrational intelligence that to exists in this vibration, that this loving parent, your spirit guide, exists in as well. Until you can accept this, the pain will continue to some extent. The dark night of the soul was never intended to manifest the way it does for so many, creating suffering just to be able to open our eyes.

How do I End my Dark Night of the Soul?

If you have accepted that there is a loving intelligence that parents you, loves you, in a very similar fashion to a loving parent, you are part of the way there. This dark night of the soul isn’t about healing your past wounds and traumas. It’s not about needing to do years of shadow work or therapy. It’s about understanding and accepting that you are the very love that you seek, that you are whatever it is you wish to create in your life. This dark night of the soul only exists because you forgot who you really are. With your eyes open, accepting that there is a loving parent there, holding your hand as you are greeted and embraced in this understanding that you are what you seek, you can create connection with yourself. You can love yourself as the imperfect physical being who is also this beautiful shining light that you call spirit or higher self. You are the very thing that so many rely on. You are the love that many spend a lifetime trying to experience. You are the abundance you have yet to create. Here is the thing: you never needed a dark night of the soul to remember any of this. You just needed to let this loving parent love you, help you accept yourself as you are, letting go of this need to control and not buying into the fearmongering that so many still believe in, creating separation at every turn.

Your Dark Night of the Soul has Ended. Now what?

You’ve opened your eyes. You’ve accepted that you are so much more than you were told. You listened to the lessons that this loving parent, called so many things by so many, have taught you. You’ve learned to stand on your own two feet. You no longer require your spirit guides to tell you what to do. Now what? The short answer is I don’t know. That’s up to you. I can offer you this: you could choose the path of the parent while here on earth. You could choose to assist those suffering.  You can create a different story about dark night of the soul, about what it means to be awake. Or, you could choose to do something else entirely. That is completely up to you. What will you choose now that you are no longer in pain, no longer suffering in silence? Will you tell the story of dark night of the soul or will you help others not even need the dark night of the soul at all? Will you facilitate the experience of never knowing the months or years of agony that so many inflict on themselves for no other reason than they were told they needed it to grow? With so many waking up now, maybe together we can tell a new story. Maybe we can create a brand new experience for the next generation as they begin to open their eyes and see those loving parents for the first time. My final question to you is this: what story will you tell this generation just waking up now—your old story or the new story? Then, when they reach out with their hand looking for connection, acceptance and understanding, will you take their hand, just like that loving parent you call spirit took yours? Will you take the time to listen, to offer your experience, but still allowing them to make up their own mind? Will you accept the role as a medium of tomorrow?

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson